Professional Chauffeurs

Transfer you and your guests in style with a private driver in your own vehicle.

Contract Valet

Contract Valet is a contractual parking service for your establishment based on business needs.

Event Valet Parking

No guest wants to worry about parking. We will take their keys, store it in a secure location, and park the car on their behalf. Our drivers are exceptional for your events.

Short-term Contract Valet

Temporary construction Issues? Mobility issues? Accessibility concerns? Short-term contract valet can add convenience and efficiency during interim projects and events.

Weddings & Bar/Bat Mitzvah

All types of valet wedding packages are available! Add some parking elegance to your event!

Parking Lot Management

We will ensure no guest is lost, and all crowds are manageable.


King Valet's Mission.

Efficiently and effectively operate customer vehicles, while providing all our guests with a royal treatment and luxurious experience.

Why King Valet Inc. for your Event?

King Valet Inc. a company born out of dedication to its customers, class, and elegance. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction, class, reliability and professionalism. King Valet will ensure your guests are treated like royalty. Valet is a lavish experience to provide to your guests and King Valet specializes in providing the royal treatment! Guests are provided the convenience of having their car parked for them and are able to enjoy the royalty of the experience. Adding valet to an event will not only add class, but also differentiate your gathering from others. King Valet is able to provide valet for weddings, bar & bat mitzvahs, real estate events, corporate/person parties, dealerships and more at your request! Trust us - your guests will thank you.

Why Obtain Contract Valet Service?

Contract Valet is a continual parking service for your establishment based on weekly preferences. King Valet provides the option of part-time or full-time contract valet service at your venue for customer & guest convenience. Contract valet services may be offered to guests complimentary or with a small fee based on client preference or locational circumstances. Contract Valet is service that aims to differentiate your establishment and provide elegance to daily operations. King Valet’s mission is to represent your business in the most professional and elegant way possible. We treat your establisment as our own and we provide the royal treatment to all! A royal standard of customer service and client satisfaction is our number one priority. Surprise your guests with luxury and convenience.

What is Temporary Contract Valet Service?

Temporary contract valet is a specialized service based on the severity of the parking situation at your facility. King Valet provides a site assessment in order to analyze potential for valet or traffic directing service, based on the needs of your business. King Valet has proven solutions to help eliminate parking concerns and provide the highest quality of service during short-term projects and events at your facility. Temporary contract valet ranges from 3 days to 2 months.

Contact Info

Use the form below or contact us directly at:

  • +1 416-728-1057
  • We service the extended GTA! Known as The Valet of Mississauga!


Damages to Customer Vehicles.

King Valet is fully insured and is prepared for any type of situation. Clients or guest of King Valet will not be liable for any damages caused and will be handled internally with the guest and our company. Accidents happen, but King Valet hires the most experienced drivers possible through a rigorous testing process in order to avoid such frustration. Detailed insurance information/certificates are available upon request.

Tip or No Tip?

Gratuities are provided at the guest’s discretion and may be provided to any staff member personally. Tips are not necessary, but greatly appreciated. Staff members generally do not have pooled tips. Event hosts may provide tips in cash to King event managers at the end of the event also.

Limos, Taxis, and Transportation from King Valet.

King Valet does not own any limo or transportation car for guests at any event. We are able to call taxis for any guest. King however, does provide a King Valet Drive Sober Program for events with Guests who wish to have themselves and their car driven home with one of our lovely chauffeurs. This option may be discussed with one of our account representatives.

Charging for Valet Service.

King Valet is able to charge guests for the valet parking service on behalf of the client. These wages would be collected and provided back to the client at the end of the event. Client to determine rates if applicable

Uniform Adjustment

We love creativity and are able to accommodate any uniform adjustment if provided!

Event Running Late?

King Valet will continue service until all vehicles in possession are returned to the respected guests. Overtime charges will apply in certain cases. King Valet can also conclude services at the time confirmed on the contract, and hand over all vehicles in possession to the event host if the client does not wish to pursue overtime services.


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